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I went from an Antec neopower which is at 480W to a CorsairTX at 650W. The old powersupply stopped to work and the warranty time had gone.

So far the CorsairTX has been working excellent without any problems. The sound from the powersupply is a bit higher than the Neopower but it's good. A very good piece of hardware, indeed! I was a bit sceptical at first to the Corsair brand when it comes to powersupplys but tests have proved it to be one good piece of hardware which is energy efficient too.

If one wants the very best I think, however, that the more expensive powersupplys from Seasonic is better. Tests have proven that they can utilize 88% in power efficiency which even the Corsair powersupplys can't reach. Seasonic S12 Energy Plus. Silentpcreview has articles on them.
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