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Originally Posted by wayner View Post
I have read the Eyefinity FAQ but I didn't see a clear answer to some of these questions:

Do all three monitors have to be the same resolution or can they vary?
>>> I'm running 3 monitors. The 2 side monitors are running at 1280x1024, while the middle is 1680x1050. When I activate eyefinity thru the catalyst software, it all syncs to the lower reslutions of the 2 side monitors (i.e. 3840x1024).

Originally Posted by wayner View Post
What is the cheapest video card that has Eyefinity - ideally one that you can buy at a shop like Canada Computers.
I noticed that some 5670 and 5750 cards have Eyefinity - does that mean they all do? Is there something to look for in the manufacturers naming scheme that clarifies this for Powercolor, Sapphire, Asus, etc. Looking through the websites of online retailers it is very confusing to figure out which cards have Eyefinity.
>>> manufacturer shouldn't matter. to see which support eyefinity, just check-out the amd site?

Originally Posted by wayner View Post
Can I simultaneously use the onboard video from a mobo like a P8H67 (after they are fixed) in addition to a discrete video card?
>>> I think you're talking about hybrid crossfire...which won't work with the 5xxx series cards...i could be wrong though...

Originally Posted by wayner View Post
My situation is that I will ahve two desktop monitors as my main displays - I have just order two Dell U3211H monitors (these have Displayport). I also have a 37" LCD TV that I would like to use occasionally - this will have to be hooked up via DVI or VGA as it is about 5 years old and does not have newer ports (ie. HDMI or Displayport).

Or is my best solution just to buy two video cards - can you use two video cards and have one drive two monitors and the other drive one monitor of a different size? I don't think that is an issue, is it?

If so what cards would one recommend? I don't do gaming, just general use with some video viewing, etc.
>>> Since you ordered two displayport monitors already, and can use the third as a dvi, I'd go with the 5850. Or, if the monitors use mini displayport, then get a 6850.
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