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I just got back from the CC in Mississauga and they still have tons of P67 boards stocked. One guy was actually buying one and the guy suggesting it to him said NOTHING.... I eventually mentioned the issue to him and told him about what would be required and he RAN from it. You could literally see the fear of technology in his eyes.

Anyways, he just bought an i3 with a P55 board on sale since all he was doing was surfing the net and word processing with his wife.

<RANT> In an unrelated story, I was able to get them to price match a Gigabyte 560ti to 241.99 after about 30mins of brow beating them and talking to the manager on several occasions... I'm just to lazy to go into Markham or Scarborough to go to NCIX.

Get out here to the west end of T.O NCIX!! </RANT>
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