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A switch just allows traffic to be switched on the same network or vlan (not including layer 3 switches) a router can actually route traffic between different networks which is why they are used for networks. However most home routers are actually used in a gateway mode. Switch = layer 2 device Router = Layer 3 Device Now a layer 3 switch allows for the switch to route between networks. But if your wondering if you need a router/gateway or a switch for your home internet the answer is you need a router as most switches can't do the router/gateway function and layer 3 switches are considerably more expensive. Something from Linksys-cisco/netgear/asus/buffalo/dlink etc would be fine. As for your question. If your connected them all up to a switch you will need to either manually configure the ip and subnet masks to match ,manually or use a DHCP server (usually included on a router or you could download one from the internet) As long as all the computers are on the same network then it should work fine. A switch is better than a hub since a switch doesn't send all the traffic it receives out on all ports only on the port where the data is going.
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