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Default Asrock 4 ever ?

hi guys !

I'm asrock user since 8 years now.
I build about 7 pc based on asrock card : Intel chipset always.

For the moment i use a the P45TS board with E8400 + 8Go DDR3 Gskill CL7 + msi graphics 8600GT OC under Linux Fedora 14.
No problems with Asrock stuff ! An incompatible issu with Twintech gfx boards 3 years ago...
Asrock boards are secure about overclock with a boot guard and easy settings. I can critique the documentation not enough detaisl about bios settings for exemple DDR settings or pci busmaster stuff etc... no explanation on their site about impact of such settings...

I recommande Asrock for the price / quality / support. I contact them about CPU compatibility for my ex Xfire-esata2 board and the informations was helpfull about 45nm incompatible cpu before buying it.

I like msi for the gfx board fully compatible but look for evga next ( gtx560 ti :) ).

For info ASrock / Asus is the same business... The difference Asrock was created for low quality MoBo for commercial competition with msi and elite about price / quality.

May i suggest if you buy asrock to take Intel chipset and the board with best quality capacitors.

Hope this was interresting :)

Bye from France !! :)

See ya !!
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