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Default Silverstone / Lian Li cases with USB 3.0?

hey all.

been shopping around for a case to house the new(ish) build I have been amassing parts for. I want to drop a fair amount of $$ on this case as I intend for it to last at least 1-2 builds after my current build.

I want to get either a larger-mid tower or a full tower. Lian Li and Silverstone are the two brands I have an affinity for, but it does not appear that either company offers a case with USB 3.0 front ports.

The lack of USB3.0 isn't a deal breaker necessarily (I know the obsidian and HAF-X both have USB 3.0 ports, but neither of those cases "do it" for me). Should I expect either Lian Li or Silverstone to release a new or rehashed line-up with USB3.0 capability some time in the near future?

edit: the new silverstone ft-03 has usb 3.0 connectors, as do some lian li mATX/HTPC cases, but I am looking for something BIGGAR

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