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Default Project: A+

Now that most everything is here I can start my moding and building. This will be my first taste of water cooling, so any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The parts:
Asus P5B (will be upgraded soon)
EVGA 7950gt (will be upgraded with the mb)
3gb Mushkin DDR2-800
2x 250GB HD's
Enermax Liberty 500W (will be upgraded when needed)
Tagan A+ Black Pearl Case

Water cooling gear:
D-TEK Fuzion CPU block
MCP655 Pump
MCR320 radiator
7/16in tubing
Custom external mount (In the process of building)
Sunbeam fan speed controller
2x Antec Spot cools
MCRES MICRO (Back orderd...)
2x Pair of D-TEK 1/2in barbs 1/4in threaded
Radbox rev. 2 (in case my custom mound fails hardcore)
D-TEK fill port
PC ICE water replacement ('cause I'm paranoid)
Dye bomb and PT-NUKE

Before you get to see all of the pretty pictures of shiny things, I have a couple of q's..
What can I use in place of my back ordered res? (anyone have one for sale?)
Would it be worth it to do custom fan extensions?
And many more to come as I think of them

Now as promised... Pictures!
Attached Images

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