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Seems like my link created a situation! Even Mighty Linus shows up!

LINUS: I really trust your opinion, but the sad thing is that you, or NCIX, will never publish your RMA numbers...that would hurt the sales, of course...the writer of said article mentioned that they got the numbers from the etailer from somebody's not 100% representative, but cannot be completely called BS..after all we're talking about less than 10% failure rate....and only in a few rare cases...

You have to take those numbers in perspective YES, but I feel a lot of hurt feelings from actual proud owners of some of the stuff mentioned in the article...

OCZ RAM...had a higher failure rate...anybody agree? They even stopped making that stuff!!!

Some specific PSU models from popular brands might be lower quality...possible right?

Gigabyte mobos being really good, but maybe had a few more issue during the P55 era...possible right?
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