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There's no way those return rates are accurate. Period.

I've only seen numbers in the 10% range a couple of times ever on medium to high run rate products, and they were DOGS. Everyone knew they were bad (ie Striker Extreme).

And I can tell you for 100% certain undeniable FACT that Corsair HX power supplies don't come back at that kind of rate unless the customers of that store make a habit of dropping paperclips into them until the sparks come out...

Same goes for G.Skill RAM... From our internal testing it's right up there for reliability and compatibility. Bear in mind EVERY RAM manufacturer goes through bad batches once in a while (let's face it, they're all getting chips from somewhere and unless your name is Samsung, Hynix, or Crucial you probably aren't manufacturing the chips themselves) so depending on the timing of the survey the results could be completely non-representative.
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