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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye_54 View Post
Wow! Those returns rates are exactly what we need to make informed purchase decisions. It correlates to what I have been told recently by my salesman too. For example, I needed a PSU and had decided on the Corsair HX750 based on reviews and reports I had read. My salesman looked around to see if anyone could hear him and then whispered to me.....Corsair HX series stuff sucks. We get most of them back for RMA. He said get the AX series and you will be happy. So I did. Then I said I wanted Corsair RAM and he said high RMA, get the Kingston stuff, it is the best. So I did. Based on the BEHARDWARE site stats, I'd say what he said was correct again.

What amazes me the most is that most people have perceptions about products that are actually wrong. Sort of like the bored Maytag repairman ad campaign that lead people to believe that Maytag were so dependable. Then I bought Consumers Magazine and found out otherwise! I perceive that most people think very highly of Corsair products and perceive them to be high end. But after reading the RMA rate for them, I am thinking otherwise. At the same time, I believe most people buying computer products perceive Kingston RAM to be low end stuff where actually, they are very good, dependable products. Sounds like Kingston needs to start an ad campaign to re-educate the buying public perhaps, eh?

Wow, thanks for posting that URL.

The salesman you talked to is a fool (read idiot)

Certain items have higher RMA rates simply due to market forces. More popular brands will tend to have inflated RMA rates, because there are more of them. Not to mention, the more popular brands get sold more often, and thus get into the hands of many uneducated individuals which can result in higher returns.

Not that I don't like Cooler Master, but the fact that, that website lists their (and Thermaltake's) PSU's as having a lower RMA rate than Fortron, Seasonic, Enermax speaks VOLUMES about the quality of that data.

Average Electronics failure rates sit at about 5%, so every looks pretty average imo.
Also, given that this info came from a retailer, that is only RMA rates within a select period, from a select European market, and on returns not defects so it's really not an actual representation of what the brand experiences globally as actual "defects".

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