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The PSU isn't going to be part of the equation anymore, I just picked up a PSU from a friend of mine who upgraded to a Kingwin 1000w for $80. Its a 750w Modular PSU with 4 PCI-express 6+2pins, though i'll only need two of them eventually.

As for the graphics options, it'll either be two 6850's or one 6950, though obviously staying with the motherboard and RAM I have now i'd only be getting one card anyways, would one 6850 run most if not all of the games I mentioned on MAX settings? or would I have to tone it down slightly for some, which i don't mind doing just while waiting for the new MB's to come out.

For CPU cooling, I'm looking at being able eventually to overclock the CPU I have now to somewheres between 3.2ghz and 4.0ghz, though the mb i have now doesn't support overclocking. The aftermarket cooling unit I was looking at for it was either the Corsair H50 water-cooling unit, or a high end aircooler. Only problem being the space between my motherboard and side of my case isn't as large as i'd like, seeing as i have a 300mm side fan mounted there. This is the reasoning behind me thinking of doing the water-cooling unit due to its smallish size for mounting.

You guys/gals have been really helpful, now I just have to bide my time like the rest of the world waiting on AMD to release its new chipset.

Although, If anyone can give me legitimate reasons to make the change to Intel for my CPU and use something like the new SandyBridge i've been hearing about or any other intel for that matter, i5, i7, that sort of thing, i know i said i was a fanboy for AMD, but i'm also open to change if change is for the better.

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