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Originally Posted by burebista View Post
Nope, router firewall is OK for inbound but useless for outbound connections.
Your choice of CIS was right, mine works flawless at home and at work.
VritualRoot is Comodos's Sandbox temporary folder, nothing to worry.

If for some reasons you dislike CIS I suggest Online Armor or PrivateFirewall. Both are free.
IMO even Seven/Vista firewall is perfect for inbound but AV/Firewall is less important that a good and not too chatty HIPS, so that's why I'm using CIS, as a security suite it has one of best Firewalls on the market, probably one of the best and innovative HIPS (D+ with Sandbox) and a decent AV.
Or if you're paranoiac you can try Sandboxie. Run every internet facing apps in a virtual environment (sandbox) and nothing could harm your PC.
If you got crap you need to worry about your outgoing connections happening on your computer you got larger issues than you think.

You should never have to worry about what is out going from your computer its the incoming that is dangerous.
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