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Default Motherboard Dead?

I'm having strange issues with my computer, I purchased an Phenom II 555 to upgrade from my Athlon II x2, and upon bios boot, the CPU is identified as an "AMD engineering sample". Strange. So I tried booting at stock clocks and with the stock AMD cooler and it loaded windows to the put where I had to login, and then it started acting extremely weird. It got super sluggish, and then crashed all together. The weird thing is though is that when I checked the CPU in my mobo the entire heatsink was to hot to touch, not just the CPU. I literally burned my hand on the heatsink.

I'm almost positive that the "555" is a grey market chip now, so I'll be RMA'ing it.

I put my Athlon II back in and now the entire computer won't boot, the PSU is a Corsair GS700, and the GPU was a 5770, but I removed it when I started having problems and I'm just trying to boot from the integrated GPU. It's like the computer is hardly plugged into the wall. The only thing that happens is that the PSU fan moves ever so slightly, just has a small jerk, and then it stops.

There's no green light on the mobo.

So is my motherboard dead do you think?? The PSU is literally days old, and I could return it if necessary, but I'd rather not.
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