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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Eagle Eye_54 View Post
The big issue (or at least, it should be the big issue) is quality & reliability first and foremost. It has to perform and be serviceable when I want to use it. That is why I bought ASUS.

The reviewers might write glowing reviews about a specific board but you can bet they won't tell you brand A has a 30% failure rate & Brand B only has a 10%. (the percentages noted are for example purposes only). I wish that Consumers Magazine or similar non-profit outfit would cover computer products (other than the redi-built ones). However, I have read enough forum comments and talked to enough salespeople at big retail outlets to put two and two together. Heck, even the writers drop hints now and then if you read closely. It is clear that ASUS are far more reliable than other brands and I am sure that is the reason they outsell the other guys. As for specs and performance, all the comparable mobos offer very similar results and a few percentage points either way is meaningless anyway. As for features, the new P67 ASUS boards have a lot going for them and that includes the new BIOS interface. If it was available when I bought, I would have taken a P67 Sabretooth for it mil-spec components and higher level BIOS (I understand it is similar to the new high line P67 Maximus). As a point of interest, Memory Express has the Sabre on special (taking orders) for $219.99, which is $30 off.
I actually have one of the Saber's on hold at memory. Going to pick it up on tuesday unless my mind changes to the UD7 by then.

Honestly, I'm trying to figure out if the look (prefer UD7), x16 dual PCIE, extra USB 3.0 ports, and onboard power/cmos is worth the extra $100.

The UD7 would look better with my red theme although neither are ideal (MIVE would be the ideal look), and I could get IPR on both at memory which nullifies the costumer service concerns...
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