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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bkh2 View Post
I think you can just use the TV's as monitors and just 'extend desktops' to either one, depending on which one you use as your main, can't you? In that case, each resolution will be independent of each other. If you have an audio loop cable for the video card, you can get audio through HDMI via DVI port, correct? Either way, you'd need headphone jack -> Red/White component to get sound on the S-Video TV.
He'd have to "drag" the video player onto either screen in that case. Might be slightly tricky if both screens aren't visible.

And I believe only ATI did audio through DVI to HDMI with their included adapters. Don't believe NVIDIA ever did, but I could be wrong. But like I said, any card that has some form of HDMI w/ audio support won't have S-Video that I'm aware of.
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