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I wish there were more reviews from other sites on HD6950 1gb :(

While it's apparent that HD6950 1gb is the winner vs GTX560 Ti in the majority of games, I REALLY wish the overclocks were tested in other games.
Just Cause 2 already favors GTX560 to begin with so I don't get why it was used to test overclocks. Wouldn't it have been wiser to see whether GTX560's overclocks beat HD6950 in games where it already wasn't ahead (i.e. the majority)???

It looks like GTX560 achieved a 17.5% OC compared to 6950's 7.8%, so should I just apply those percentages across other games and see how they match up? I believe that would be a more fair comparison for overclockers, I wish the review had done something like that. In Alien vs Predator HD6950 is so far ahead at stock clocks that even a fully OC'd GTX560 would not match up.

Sapphire HD6950 1gb is priced at only $10 more than GTX560 Ti and this review really didn't help me to decide which one I should go with. I'm interested in overclocking my GPU as far as it goes and playing at 1920x1080, which would be the better choice? To make things more complicated, I play mainly Crysis and Black Ops. Two hugely famous shooters that were not included in the review for some unimaginable reason.

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