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Default Looking for input on new/upgraded gaming PC

Hey everyone, new to the forums here at HardwareCanucks, thought i'd ask some generic and detailed questions about a new rig i'm looking at putting together in the next month or two.

The PC will be used for everyday tasks like internet and such, but mainly i'm looking at building a some-what high-end gaming PC within a budget of around $1000.

I'm from Canada and will hopefully be purchasing all of my components from here, so websites like newegg and ncix would be most appreciated for pricing and comparisons.

With what i'm interested in using the computer for and with my personal preferences, if at all possible, i'd like to stay with AMD/ATI for most of the parts, mainly due to good experiences with the companies parts and such.

I already have a case, disk drive, and hdd that i'm going to reuse for the build. The motherboard with the computer now has to go, as does the measly 400watt psu, the HD4650 GPU, and with the new motherboard hopefully being able to accept DDR3 memory, the 8 gb of DDR2 800mhz at 6-6-6-18 can leave as well.

The CPU i'm not sure on replacing yet, its a Phenom II x4 920 @ 2.8ghz, which is plenty of power.

Oh, plus i'm looking at being able to overclock the CPU and GPU/'s if at all possible, had been looking at the corsair CH50 water-cooling unit to take care of the CPU cooling functions.

If anyone has any objections to anything i've looked at, please voice them, it will better educate me on why i shouldn't do it as well as hopefully give me information on what could be a viable option.

The case is an Xclio A380S Super Tower, the HDD is a Seagate 7200RPM 750 GB, and the disk drive is an LG DVD/RW + lightscribe.

I've been looking at possibly getting AMD HD6850's in crossfire, so a board with crossfire capabilities would be lovely.

If the price could include shipping and taxes that would be good as well, thanks for any help guys and gals.

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