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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Blu View Post
I just got a straight modem, when I've tried it in my old linksys router it doesn't work at all and when I did get it to work I couldn't forward any ports in it and was told it was outdated by eastlink and to not use it as I could damage there modem by using it and such...

Side question, do wireless routers allow for wired connections? I'm not a fan of the wireless, unless it was going to say an xbox/wii/ps3/htpc
Damage their modem? That doesn't pass the smell test. Call them back and see if there is someone more knowledgeable. If you're on cable then they may need to release the MAC address of the modem to allow the router to be assigned a WAN IP address, if you're on DSL then the router probably just needs the correct PPPoE credentials entered.

And yes, your average consumer wireless router will allow for wired connections, usually four.
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