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Basically I've been trying to find a good firewall has good protection, here is my story: I kept getting odd and random connections from odd IP addresses to me via port 135, so I wanted to block the port, windows firewall for some reason wasn't doing the job so I ended up ditching it for zone alarm, which didn't do the job either so I found a online suggestion for Comodo firewall so I downloaded it, scanned my ports and bravo it was all blocked and I found it to be quite handy until I started using my normal programs like putty, winscp and such. There was terrible lag as if my server loads were in the tens/hundreds but no they were fine it was just my connection using this firewall (by the way I was testing my ports here, in case you wanted to know) So I'm finally sick and tired of it, I've tried using Comodo's safe application feature long enough, this is starting to make my once fun and enjoyable work annoying and slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new firewall or something out there? On boxing day I did buy kaspersky (not sure if it was the anti virus or internet security) but I can't find it at the moment, when I do I might try it out though but until then any suggestions? I have a fear if I open port 135 I will get hacked again (I got hacked about 4-5 months ago and formatted my pc when it happened, basically I woke up and my mouse was moving around and on my desktop a keylogger was installing, I still don't know how I got this but I believe it was talking to a friend who had a back door on his pc via aim as I told him to scan his pc and he did find a trojan and the exact same keylogger that was installed on my pc, I have since cut ties with him) as the connections that come to me from port 135 seem to be usually from chinese subnets. Thanks for any suggestions/help you may have in advance.
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