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Originally Posted by Eluder View Post
Just wondering if anyone out there is using a P8P67 Deluxe and the USB3.0 Front Panel 3.5" box that the board comes with?

I seem to have a strange issue where my USB3 device (Vantec Nexstar HDD Dock) will only work in the left port. When I plug it into the right port, it either doesn't detect anything, or just pops up a message saying the HDD needs to be formatted.

USB2 devices (thumb drives) seem to work fine in the right port though.

Wondering if I have a bad box, or if it's something else?

Sorry, I don't have the Deluxe, mine is the Pro model in that same series. The first thing that came to my mind on your problem is are you running a 1000's series BIOS and have you downloaded the new drivers for the USB controller? If that doesn't do it, I'd say it is RMA time.
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