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My System Specs


I dont think the low bandwidth users (even on small packages/bundles) realize just how much they are being screwed. Those that are the high volume doanloaders have taken the pre-UBB prices and averaged them out over much more data making it a decent price/gb return. 40gb/mo is being royaly screwed but, if the majority is fine with it we then get the companies pushing further and further resulting with what we have today.

Oh well, pay to play. My 5gb/mo costs me $65 but thats wireless over the cell network with an aircard, tell me thats not being screwed over, especially when their "new" product comes with twice the bandwidth for $5 less per month, boy do I feel like a prized cow roaming the pastures waiting to be milked by Telus :)

Have an A-1 day!
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