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I registered just to reply this thread. Damn some ppl are dumb thinking "oh yea I have 400 rms subwoofer no wai ~200rms amplifier will break it" but matter of fact it does. You should always have more power in your amplifier than subwoofer. I wonder when you are coming here to cry that you burned your subwoofer.

When you try to take more power from your amplifier than it can give, the amplifier will overdrive and clip and it will cause compressed signal. Don't understand?
The silent part of the music will play louder, while the louder parts have reached their max potential. Power load will raise and comes more continuously. Heat will raise and voice coil don't have time to cool down.

There should always be about 100-200W more power in amplifier than sub.

"Oh you don't know you haven't bought shit to Z5500 dont know what it sounds like" bla bla bla, guess what? I managed to burn quality 2x4ohm 250W RMS subwoofer with this shitty 188W Z5500 amplifier. Just this ~50W power difference between amplifier and sub.

My two cents. Have fun with your subwoofer
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