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I believe I may have run across some kind of error in the way the tracker is reporting ppd based on using the wrong dealine (-bigadv) and thus not counting bonus points.

Its been a bit hard to get any proof/screencaps/logs since I've got them deleted after every finished wu, and this behavior would be easier shown if I had a few to go with so I'll try and explain what I've noticed and see if that rings any bells.

I've got an i7-975 OC'd to 4.3Ghz doing dedicated -bigadv folding in windows 7 64bit with 6gb ram and running off a 100gb laptop harddrive.
The behavior seems to manifest when the rig completes a -bigadv wu but cant send it right away, so it stores it in queue and fetches a new -bigadv wu. Upon loading the info on the new wu it seems to(havent written things down, so I'm not 100% sure if its exact, but close) utilize the que'ed wu's deadline to calc ppd/bonus pts. I say this because this rig takes just over 2 days to finish one of these and at least 3-4 times now I've checked on it to show only 4kppd (not 35kppd) because its just started but shows only a bit over a day left until the deadline assumes it wont meet the deadline and calcs only the points (8955 in 2days), not the normal 4days minus a couple hours. The first few times I saw this I didnt know what was up and deleted the wu because I thought I'd got some sort of dud. I had this behavior show up again a couple days ago but decided to let it play through and see what I get credited for, still got the nice large point dump so the wu obviously completed in time and with bonus pts.

Once the wu is running and only showing 4kppd it doesnt matter if I stop/start close the tracker or reset the machine it keeps this estimate throughout the whole wu. Once its onto the next (3rd wu) its back to showing the proper calculation, I assume because the 1st wu's deadline is already past. This showed up a bit while I was starting to run this machine and it wasnt dedicated folding, I remember seeing a bigadv wu that had just been downloaded and started have an aparent deadline of only hours because I had the machine off somewhere inbetween there and the previous wu's deadline was almost up, but this one should have had almost 4days.

-Dunno if that properly explains it, pm me or reply here if you need more info.
-Originaly I thought the tracker somehow downloaded 2 wu's at once, hence wu 1 and 2 would have the same deadline, but I went through the logs and that wasnt the case, it finished wu1 then went onto download wu2 but showed the same deadline as wu1.

Have an A-1 day!
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