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Originally Posted by JMCD View Post
Karkand and Sharqi were awesome, definitely 2 of my favourites. But Dragon Valley was awesome for air battles and Wake Island was a good all around map.

Wasn't there a battle of britain map on bf 1942?
Yup Battle of Britain was pretty epic because the Germans have multiple heavy bombers with 2 gunners while being escorted by fighters. The Brits had fighters and lots of AA guns. There were no territories to take over but all aerial combat.

As far as urban ya BF2 and 1942 had some pretty amazing urban combat. BFBC2 only has oasis which isn't bad.

Originally Posted by Chromey View Post
Being a Old timer and Playing CS 1.4 to CSS 1.6, I cant stand TDM Or any game that respawns every 10 secs or so. Where is the challange in staying alive?

Blackops fails in alot of ways but atleast when i kill someone in somegame modes they stay dead, untill the next round.

I love CS:S and play it almost every day for at least a couple hours. That game I have put more hours into than anything else. Although BF 1942 I put a lot of hours into as well.

Although I tend to agree with you that there should be greater penalties when dying but BF has a MUCH bigger battlefield and it would suck if you were the first one to die and everyone is camping. That is a huge problem with CS is that it is a lot of the times you are just camping. BF you can't camp because your team will loose tickets.

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