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Originally Posted by Chromey View Post
Being a Old timer and Playing CS 1.4 to CSS 1.6, I cant stand TDM Or any game that respawns every 10 secs or so. Where is the challange in staying alive?
in a rush match, every time you respawn as an attacker, you use up one of your reinforcement tickets. I don't know how it works in conquest game mode, but i prefer to play rush game mode.

i still like cs but sometimes you can sit for a good 4 or 5 minutes before you get the chance to respawn. That's why i liked day of defeat over CS so much because the action is constant. The short lag between death and respawn was enough of an opportunity to capture a flag and move up (unless there was a straggler that wipes out your whole team lol). BFBC2 is similar and if no one on your squad is alive, you have to start from the respawn point and make your way back to the front line. It's plenty of time for a defender to dig in or an attacker to advance.

i agree with you about COD, it's kinda boring to play straight DM. i like objective-based teamwork better
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