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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
And what about the people that don't get a choice on their internet provider because of where they live?
You can't talk high rural internet access prices and limited choices while negatively comparing our market to the US model. Across the board, regardless of country (US, parts of Europe, etc) customers in rural areas pay an absolute fortune for internet access. They live in the sticks and unfortunately pay more for everything...

People who live in rural areas already pay twice the amount for their shitastic internet connection, at least here in BC. Then allowing these companies that have a monopoly in areas to enforce a UBB as well?
Again, it is a self-created monopoly or nothing. Without that lone company providing access and spending the money for the infrastructure to bring access to the rural users, they would have no internet access at all.

UBB isn't going away and I am happy for that. What I don't like is the completely idiotic limits some ISPs like Videotron put upon it. To me, putting a 60GB cap on an ultra fast connection is counter-intuitive and runs against changing market realities. If someone wants more bandwidth, charge them appropriately for it in blocks of preset amounts and I am sure the money will start flowing.
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