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Decided not to bother with a separate worklog, but since I'm throwing things together now, figured I'd throw a few pics up of all those nice parts I photographed earlier. Same parts as before, just now going into the MM Horizon case. Interesting case, I have to say, but after hearing so many people rave about Mountain Mods' cases, I think I may have had slightly too-high expectations.

Certainly, it's a great case, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few areas I would have liked to see improved. The aluminum is a little lighter gauger than I'd like to see, especially around the PSU mounting plates. Admittedly, my main basis for comparison are my two Antec cases, both of which I would have used as a stepping stool without hesitation. While the front panel is properly drilled for a TC rad, the rear fan spacing doesn't fit ANY radiator, being somewhat between both the HWLabs and Swiftech designs - I had to grind the sides off the holes for the MCR220 to fit. A PA120.2 would have been a lost cause without completely new holes. Finally, the hard drive mounting system has no vibration isolation, and very little support if the HDD's are mounted vertically. On another note, the Horizon design effectively blocks off the bottom half the case once the motherboard is installed, although I can't rightly hold that against MM. Comes with the design, and I know my video card with it's giant slab of copper on it is quite grateful.

At this point, I've fully leak-tested the system and verified that it posts without trouble. Still a lot of cable management to do - this case relies on cubic footage rather than finesse in that department - but I'll be installing XP and software tomorrow.
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The motherboard with all blocks installed. I'm using the Koolance compression fittings on the chipset/mosfet blocks, for a cleaner, more compact look. Also being used is the backplate from my Koolance CPU-330 waterblock (which is, frankly, the only good part of that waterblock's assembly), although the Fusion is too tall for the mounting springs to be used. I'm using 1/2" tubing for the CPU/GPU loop, and 3/8" for the NB/Mosfet loop.
Attachment 1778
Preliminary installation of drives. Both radiators are functioning as intakes, so that the second doesn't get superheated air from the first. This will make the case strongly positive-pressured, with the mesh filters on all intake fans minimizing dust accumulation inside, and all the air exhausting through the top of the case. S-Flex F-series fans are used throughout this case, except for the two Noctua P12's on the rear rad where nobody will see them.
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I've shifted the motherboard support forwards, so that it acts as a shroud for the PSU's modular face. Gotta give props for the finish on the Ultra X3's casing! You can see the cabling is already busy and bunched up in front of the PSU. I'll have to see what I can do about that in the future...
Attachment 1774
The front of the case. Each intake hole has a combination of a wire grill and a steel mesh filter behind it. Going for the subdued look, although photos really don't do justice to the black wrinkle paint on this case. The bay on the right is using a Scythe Kama Bay unit.
Attachment 1777
This is a top-down into the case, with all tubing routed and the system leak-testing (although not all cables attached). I've shifted the top case panel to the side, and used it to mount a Swiftech rad/res unit to handle the chipset/mosfet cooling duties. The DB-1 pump is simply attached with velcro, although getting the right angle to keep the tubing from kinking was tricky. The Tygon is nice, but I got the middle-thickness walled stuff - wish I'd gotten the thickest walled stuff now.

I would have liked to have one of the radiators in-between the CPU and video card, but the additional tubing required would have been excessive, for very little benefit. The Petra-topped MCP350 is mounted directly under the EK res with a double G1/4 fitting, and the whole assembly is sitting on a wad of Petra's gel-stuff. It's a quiet pump to begin with, but it comes darn close to being inaudible as set up here.

This isn't exactly in-depth coverage, nor particularly organized, and I apologize. Right now, I'm just trying to get this thing up and running finally, snapping pictures whenever I remember.
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