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Default Want to Crossfire 2 x HD 4870's ... need feedback

Thinking about doing this again and I'm looking for feedback ...

Mobo is an Asus P5K Pro which has a P45 chipset so it supports 2 x 8x slots.
CPU is a E8500 with 4GB ram running windows 7 ult 64bit.
I am upgrading the psu to a Corsair 750watt and I hav ethe 2nd HD 4870.

Info on the web can be out of date and there is also crossfire profiles ...

From what I understand, I jusr install the 2nd card, bootup and enable crossfire in the driver?

Does one card need to be flashed as a master still?

I assume I should already have the video driver installed using one card ... is there a CAT version that would be best?

Which card to I plug the monitor into ... the bottom one?

How do the profiles work?

Is this more trouble than it's worth?
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