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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
If your family is using internet for their TV service then obviously they will use more bandwidth and as such should upgrade their internet package for higher caps with the money you save not paying monthly for Cable/Satellite. I'm not really sure the CRTC is regulating Apple TV/Google TV either so Canadian programming gets the shaft that way as well. It seems like they might be regulating Netflix though, judging by their limited selection.
They subscribe to a $100/mo satellite service. Unfortunately it doesn't offer what they want, only 500 channels of a dozen repeats and garbage, nor does it allow them to watch what they want on demand, and renting from the local video store costs them $7/ea. + gas and time. Whereas Netflix is all you can eat, and iTunes is more convenient + cheaper.

But you can't get the news hour, or current shows via Netflix + iTunes so in essence these companies (TV + Web) are double dipping. They fail to provide a user with a satisfactory full experience in one medium, and penalize us for using another.

The funny thing is, Shaw Communications was a strong proponent for customer rights and the internet as the new media delivery source, UNTIL shareholders got involved and they became a broadcaster.

Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Another point you mentioned was that, what happens in the future with our current caps when users need more bandwidth? You know every company is gonna milk it out until they absolutely have to raise caps. BTW you realize MONOpoly means a single enterprise/entity that has dominance in it's industry? :P
That's sort of what I was getting at with the story about my parents - A family of 3 individuals who are as untechsavvy as they come, have the ability to easily go through 20GB in a week.

A user like me who uses the internet as his primary and ONLY source of media delivery has much higher needs, and yet the bandwidth caps haven't changed in 5 YEARS! It's completely ridiculous.

Monopoly of the group as a whole over the control of the web. I lump the 4-5 majors under one ideology.

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