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Default overclocking the e2140

im sure its been done here but i couldn't seem to find it..i've found loads of info of ppl doin it and what they're overclocking to but nothing on acually how to do it. i've tried to get into the bios on a reboot but hp blocks it sometimes and of course i got the one that is. i was told to try systools but my motherboard is unreconized. im not lookin to get it up to 3.0 like lots are sayin u can, im happy with 2.0 to 2.5. my motherboard manufacturer is ASUSTeK Computer INC. and the model is Lancaster8 1.04. sorry if this has been done here before,i just couldn't find it lol. plz help i'd like to get a lil more outta this puppy cause i don't have the cash to go better right now lol. just let me know if u need a lil more info. thanx
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