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like crazyazn said, if you have a 9X multi with the Q6600 and 3GHz is your goal, then you definitely don't need anything faster than PC2-6400 or worry about overclocking the memory. you would have a number of options for settings to get you to your goal, here are just a couple...

333*9=3000MHz 1:1=DDR2-666
333*9=3000MHz 4:5=DDR2-833
375*8=3000MHz 1:1=DDR2-750

the 375*8 would be a good setup because you could then go up to 400*8 (CPU willing and i am sure it would be) and you still wouldn't be overclocking that memory running it at 1:1. personally, i wouldn't worry about a good overclocking kit of PC2-6400 because no one can tell you what a single kit of memory is going to be capable of. just spend the extra $25~$30 for a kit of PC2-8000 and then you are guaranteed a kit of memory that can run up to 500FSB 1:1 and opens up a few more options with memory ratios at lower FSB.

a couple decent 2x2GB PC2-8000 kits would be these... @ $119 @ $115 after rebate

i personally own the OCZ kit and was quite pleased with it. the G.Skills are known to be one of the better 2x2GB kits out there but neither would have to be overclocked in your situation, so they would pretty much be equal. with that said though, the PC2-6400s should be plenty for your needs. HTH
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