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Haha! Yeah, I just copied the settings they did in the review, since my system is better than the one they ran I figured if they had good/stable results from that so would I. Saves time fiddling with adjusting the settings in small increments and running benchmarks again and again. Sure, I might be able to go a little bit further, but I'm not really concerned with spending several hours to get a 1-2% performance increase. As far as noise is concerned I don't have the equipment to measure it, but I wouldn't say it was any louder than the plethora of case fans in my system (I also didn't adjust the fan speed any). Temperatures are well within safe ranges as well. In SLI though, since I'm using a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7 the slots are right next to each other so one tends to run ~6-7C hotter. Also, I remember reading somewhere that Fermi-based cards are engineered to safely operate at up to 90C; however, I'm not sure I believe that. If it's true, then this card runs really cool in comparison.

Still, even with the regular, stock (and warrantied) overclock, it should outperform the ASUS GTX560 Ti DirectCUII TOP.

P.S. Only one SLI connector so if you're planning to 3-way SLI these, you can't.

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