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OCCT V3.1.0

Enter to OS desktop - 153~156W

Run OCCT Power Supply Test Items
i7-950 default is 3.07GHz. 4 physical cores and 4 HT cores full load plus GTX460 - 392~418W。

Power Angel shows this X58 default mode max power consumption is 418W
According to 80Plus website,
output 50% transfer efficiency is around 90.80%
After transferring, 110V 418W is around 380W real output.

OCCT Test Result
CPU Voltage Variation
Disable Intel C1E in default mode. CPU clock and voltage both rise to highest.

The highest is 3.34V and mostly itís between 3.31~3.33V during test. The voltage wave is around 0.90%

Mostly itís between 4.84~4.89V. The voltage wave is around 1.02%.

The highest is 12.37V and the mostly is 12.24V. The voltage wave is 1.05%.

3V and 5V voltage wave is around 0.9~1.02%. Itís very good condition.
Even 12V is only 1.05%. You can see this PSU in high load condition is still working excellent.

Using More Accurate Meter
5V testing result is 5.03~5.05V which is higher than board meterage 4.89V.

OCCT Full Speed
The voltage is 5.06V which is higher than idle condition.

12V testing result is 12.18~12.19V which is some different with board meterage 12.37V
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