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Default Hybrid Silent and High Efficiency Gold Metal PSU - CORSAIR AX750W Review

In the past 3 years, PSU market competition is on 80Plus.
All brands make own design be more green and get better certificate from 80Plus.
As per 80Plus level, it has platinum, gold, silver and bronze. It bases on energy efficiency.
Of course, this standard is not absolutely. The excellent PSUs also need other features.
I think components are also the key factors.

CORSAIR is a well-known memory brand from USA. They have very good reputation in DRAM products.
CORSAIR PSU product is just around 3 years. Their products are positioning at high quality and stability for mid-high end.

Previously, CORSAIR PSU has HX, TX and VX series. The highest one is 80Plius Silver certificate.
In months ago, they launched new AX, GS, and CX product series.
This review is most high end AX series, the 80Plus Gold level.
It belongs to Professional Series Gold. AX has 3 products, 750/850/1200W.
I use entry AX 750W to share this latest high end PSU.

First of all, letís see the package. The box main symbols are spec and technical feature.
7 years warranty, 80Plus Gold certificate are 2 main features.

Product manual, cable ties, CORSAIR sticker, screws and power cord

PSU body is packed by flannelette bag

Professional Series Gold AX750W Body

The shell is black matt baking for good quality.
Hybrid Silent Fan Control technology has Fanless mode, Quiet mode and Cooling mode.
When the PSU output below 20%, the fan is complete stationary and silent.
Quiet mode is working as PSU output between 20~50%.
The fan starts to work and the noise level is 16dBA.

High quality cable collecting pack and modulized cables
8 X 4 Pin
2 X Floppy

1 X ATX 24 Pin
1 X EPS/ATX12V 8/4 Pin
4 X PCI-E 6+2 Pin

The back design is cell heating holes.
Active PFC spec for 110~240VAC

Product Spec
Model, CMPSU-750AX
Simplex +12V design. Total is 62A and max is 744W
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