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My System Specs


As always, I love the chart in the conclusion section that pits its performance against competing cards :D

-What exactly makes the GTX 560 worse at AA than the 470? I'm not sure I exactly understand which part of the architecture is responsible for that...

-Nice work on showing the potential shine of the o/c of this card as AMD was rumored to have plans to make the HD 6870 o/c edition a direct competitor to the 560 (until they found out the 560 performed 10-15% better than the 6870).

-I am very curious as to why the performance race between the 6870, 6950 1GB, and 560 jump around like crazy from game to game... is this more due to poor drivers/optimization on the ATI end or something on Nvidia end or both?

As for the other who are debating about availability... I shall say this: the 6950 1GB was supposed to launch in mid February... I'm pretty sure that the now "direct competition" to the 560 Ti (the 6950 1GB) will be having a lot more issues with availability over the next month than Nvidia. Although we are seeing limited options from vendors for the 560, we are able to purchase it around MSRP... That is big compared to the releases that plagued ATI through most of 2010.
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