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I can't wait for this game. I'm a BF2 veteran in any sense of the word. I've logged in over 1500 hrs just in the online ranked multiplayer. I've also played countless hours on the amazing mods like AIX 2.0 and Project reality. I've been part of the community since 05. Played in over a dozen clan, administrated them, played in the ladders ( TWL/CAL). I hope BF3 keeps the same format that's been working for so many years. I hope it's a lot more Vehicles/planes heavy this time around and not so much focused on ground pounding and such because it's been done way too much as of late.

Please for the love of god put a rewind button on the battlerecorders!!
I'd like to see bigger maps as well which would make for more epic dogfights. More different types of jets too. That's the thing that I've always deplored in that game.. you'd have 64 players in one map but only 4 jets.

Really excited for the frosbite 2.0 engine. BC2 is pretty spectacular as it is I can't imagine how good BF3 is going to be. Granted you won't be able to run it on an FX5200... but that's def a good thing. Getting away from the Xp/DX9 era.

All in all .. here's hoping Dice is going to make another amazing game that will last just as long!
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