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Yes, you can really truly tell the difference between a TN and S-IPS panel, especially when you move your head and get no colour shift. Even though the refresh rate isn't up to TN-panel speed, I'd never give mine up! I got one of the HP 2065s two years ago....played the panel roulette and did end up with the S-IPS version. Lol, I have the thing 20 inches from my face, and sometimes find myself leaning in even closer (about 14 inches away) and it's still perfect. I do alot of photo editing so the size of this monitor is perfect for me, it's only a 20.5" monitor (4:3 1600x1200 resolution).

Was funny, I got it just after the panel makers were fined millions of dollars for price fixing panels. There was starting to be a big divide at that time, to all TN for the 'consumer' monitors because everyone wanted very fast refresh rates even though that doesn't add up to picture quality. It was heading to the point of all TN for reasonably priced monitors and $1000+ for anything S-IPS. Fortunately it didn't quite shake out that way, but S-IPS is still expensive. This 20.5 inch monitor was a little over $500.00 two years ago.

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