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My System Specs


With the current speeds of DDR3 RAM, timings are a moot point. Get the higher clocked set if the price difference is negligible. (which it usually is)

With regards to overclocking headroom, it's an even bigger hit and miss than with CPU overclocking. A 1333 set could clock much much higher than a 1600 set, if you're lucky. The only difference between the sets is that the 1600 is guaranteed to run at 1600.

I would personally go for the lower voltage set. DRAM voltage must be within 0.5V of QPI/VTT for i7 processors. (I'm assuming it's for your build in system specs) That value is typically 1.1 or 1.2 at stock, not accounting for vdroop or other voltage fluctuations. With a 1.65v kit and no added QPI/VTT voltage, you may have stability issues. Of course you could pump up your QPI/VTT to avoid this though. However, I don't see the point, unless you're overclocking and already needed to increase that voltage.
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