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Originally Posted by someguyfromhell View Post
I heard that some parts were still slower, or something similar unless I can't remember worth anything.
Dude, you should just go and read other reviews. If you don't agree with one of them, you should at least get a general feel as to what the community thinks about the product as a whole before you start posting. You're really coming off as an inconsolable fan boy.

Do I think that Sky wears green and blue on his sleeves? Sometimes I do, given some of the comments he makes concerning products from the particular silicon makers in comparison to others is sometimes excessive. However, there's always a reason for him making those kind of comments because it's what the community thinks as a whole.

Reviews are meant to explain to people what new technologies are and what they need them for. Then after that, the numbers should be displayed and then left up to the consumer as a whole. There really is no need for a "conclusion" page IMO. It should be left up to the consumer. That way, they have nothing to complain about seeing that they were given nothing but numbers and then left to digest said numbers and formulate their own conclusions.
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