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Originally Posted by someguyfromhell View Post
Sorry to sound negative, but the statements in this review doesn't sound right at all.

"In our opinion, GF114 has the Cayman Pro beat hands down from an architectural perspective but it lacks a real finishing punch at slightly higher resolutions."

Now how does it beat it hands down when they are so close at the lower resolutions?
He's most likely referring to the overclocking headroom that the GTX 560ti has. Also, the effectiveness of the OC as well when compared to the 6950.

It's too bad that AMD couldn't have released their new 11.1 catalyst set before the release of the GTX 560ti today. Remember AMD = New architecture which means more room for driver development. NVidia = Rehash, which means that it's much more optimized at it's initial release.

Originally Posted by someguyfromhell View Post
"Even the launch of 1GB Cayman Pro cards does nothing to shake the feeling that GF114 is the right architecture being introduced at the great time with a highly competitive price. Sure, the HD 6950 1GB gives the GTX 560 a run for its money but the NVIDIA card still edges it out in the overall cost category, surefire availability and its ability to overclock like no-one's business"

Currently there is only 1 GTX 560 Card available at NCIX. I don't see how this has "surefire availability." There seems to be a bit too much praise here.

This statement I agree with you on 100%. It will be interesting to see if NVidia can keep up with the demand from consumers. Keep in mind that this is essentially a rehash of a GF104 with some added cores and rops. It still retains the major architectural components of it's predecessor, so at least we know that at the current manufacturing process there shouldn't be any major issues.

Most of the e-tailers are slow in updating online stock numbers anyways. The suppliers will likely have their products trickling into everywhere before the end of the week.

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