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My System Specs


Benchmarking was not the problem. I only used AS-SSD once and already had horrible results... Ran it a second time to confirm. That's how I found out that I had messed up and needed to "sanitary erase" my free space. Ran it again after that and got great benchmarks. I'm pretty careful about not killing my limited writes :)

Not 100% sure what you mean by "tony TRIM" unless you are referring to the CCleaner's "securely erase all free space."

After a bunch of reading online (before I used CCleaner), I was reading a couple articles where they did some testing and found that if you select the "single pass" option, it doesn't necessarily restore full performance and you need to use a 3-pass (sigh, lost a couple more write cycles... but it was worth it).

Either way, I know I was getting slow performance, so that's why I benched it with AS-SSD and I know that doing this 3-pass nuke on the free space restored performance and didn't touch any of the data that is supposed to be on there. The only logical answer to me is that the "free space" was not empty due to not having TRIM enabled during certain erases (i.e. quick format of windows install, non AHCI mode) and causing the slowdown. Haven't tried to benchmark it since or erase free space, but not having any real performance issues, so no need to.
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