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Talking Sli For The Non Believer [Guide How To Eenable SLI On Non SLI Cert Mobo]

i always forget to take a screenie, so there you have it.

i shouldve taken a screenie with the series 5 cards too :p

dont forget to plug the extra power imput on the board when using 2 or more gpus.

hell if there is place for it, and using a higher end card? do use it

o.9b patch was used on winders 7 32bit with driver version 260.99 , the latest (266.58) froze up

when applying sli in nvidia control panel

and now for the guide :

step 1 - install windows 7 (xp works too but 7 seems to have more success)

step 2 - install the updates directx .net etc etc.

step 3 - install the appropriate nvidia drivers( 0.9b works with 260.99, at least for me)

step 4 - install the aforementioned patch.

step 5 - once patch finishes installing, reboot, and chose the sli win 7 at the boot screen

step 5 - open up nvidia control panel, head to sli/physx and click on enable sli.

step 6 - run a benchmark or two.

issues :

side bands or what not(green horizontal stuff on the screen or anything funny)
swap the sli bridge to the other 2 connectors (if present) else swap it around(up down - down up)
or remove it completely.
ive found that enabling, disabling sli indicator makes them go away, if ever they come about.

attention : do this at your own risk. if you mess/hurt things, it is solely your fault.

this website, it's members, admins, owners,makers of the patch,programs,etc are not liable in any form or way if you screw up your os/hardware.

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