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Basing that on a review "sampled" 6950 1 gig. I think is still a lil reaching, thought I haven't read all the other reviews yet, I'm still likely to believe the retail 6950 1 gig'ers will still have alot of headroom for oc'in. Again, get a retail 6950 1 giger & a 560 ti, oc them head to head ... then see whom is a better buy. PLUS whom knows if prices of the 6950 1 gig come down more in the meantime.

Ohhhhh btw Sky, I didn't see in pics nor read any mention if the 1 gig model has the dual bios option in your review or the few I've read so far. Can you clairify for me/us if it did on your sample or not? If it doesn't it might make the extra gig or ram & upgradeability of a 6950 2 gig worth the extra $30-50.

Nice review as always :)
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