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Nope BUT "ITGC" works irregardless of mode. ITGC is always on...ahci...ide mode...doesnt matter. TRIM needs AHCI, but a force trim can work for peeps who dual boot XP and Win 7 (in ahci mode)...usually. SF drives are special and the normal rules on TRIM and even ITGC to a certain extent don't really apply. They really have taken a completely different approach than all the other companies.

Reading between the lines it seems to be that you extensively benchmark'ed your SF drive (to the point it went into a degraded state...which is not all that much benchmarking to be honest) and the issue you are running into is how SandForce does its house cleaning. SF drives do what is called "lazy house cleaning" for both ITGC and TRIM. (Its a royal PITA to override this). TRIM commands sent to it...are NOT carried out in real time as they go through the "Durawrite technology" alogs, which basically means the TRIM command is noted and those cells are updated in its internal map, BUT they are not cleaned until they are NEEDED, just the internal map of what cells can and can not be reused is updated.

Basically doing a "Tony Trim" wont bring back your speed unless you run it multiple times (and even guarantees) as all those 1's you are writing to what you think is the entire drive gets HEAVILY compressed and then only so many cells are used in writing the compressed data representing all 1s.

To get back the speed you lost by benchmarking indiscriminately a sani-erase is needed OR letting the damn drive idle for a long time. A Sani-erase is not a good thing as it nukes the internal map the drive has collected and resets the drive back square one (the upside is that a TRIM command that is then sent during the quick format DOES refreshen all the cells, the downside is all those used cells can not be reused and thus increasing the future write amplification up from .5/.6 to 1 or greater). This is why the various companies say DONT benchmark them using non-compressible data (like CDM and AS-SSD) as it is not only noncompressible...its random crap that the durawrite alogs cant really use to lessen future writes. This is why peeps usually dont notice slow downs UNLESS they benchmark.

Edited to add in replies to previous questions I didnt see.

Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
hmm So I don't have to worry even though I own a 790AMD system that is running 24/7 ?
Oh and good work on this confusing ( to me) SSD explanations
Originally Posted by Prolab View Post
Okay, I noticed you mentioned on the do nots: use hibernate.

Why not? I ask since I've been using hibernate instead of sleep because my dynamic drive can not be seen under windows if I leave the comp sleeping for a pre-determined time (2+ hours).
Its not whether or not you CAN use hibernate...its why bother? SSDs allow for insanely fast bootups so the dif in time between a "cold" boot and a hibernate wakeup doesn't justify the added space taken up by it. PLUS every time you use hibernate thats a crap ton of NAND cells that are going to be used...for no real gains. The name of the game is to lessen wasted writes and Hibernate can EASILY be consider a waste. YMMV, and you can use hibernate...I just dont recommend it.

If your SSD is a SF based drive...update the firmware!! That was a bug that was fixed in (IIRC) 1.24 for OCZ and 3.4.0 for the others. It can cause random BSODs upon waking from Sleep. (the fix might have been in slightly earlier 1.2x versions cant remember).

Sleep =/= idle time. You need to let the system IDLE and walk away from it. A couple hours a week will be fine.

You have an older AMD rig. You need to let it idle, or the rig will get slow. You dont have to go "OMFG I needz a new SSD" or anything just let your system idle.
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