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Yeah, I know it's not going to be "real life" but I think I might feel better with an aftermarket.

Well I think I still want the accelero or most likely the VF3000F since I can't get the AXP here in Canada.

But I've ran into another problem with these coolers taking up three ports:

Basically, right now I have no space. It can work if I move the 480 to the second pcie x16 slot, but I think on my p5b deluxe motherboard, the second x16 speed is halved or something. Not to mention worse airflow.

I see my options as replacing either the sound card or the FW800 card to a pcie x1 card... Which I am not planning of going that far. Unless someone can recommend me a above average pcie x1 sound card.

I take it no 2-slot 480 coolers exist?
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