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Originally Posted by oblisk View Post
I've been looking at getting an aftermarket cooler for my evga 480.

Currently, my 480 is at 820 core, 2180 memory and at 1.138. It idles at 51c. Is this pretty much the max overclocks a 480 can get? What are some other speeds the 480 got to?

However, furmark at full load went up to 102c. Way too high? What's the 480's max safe temp?

I think I want to get a third party air cooler now. What do you guys think? I'm pretty sure in real life situations, it will never go up to 102c, but I think an aftermarket cooler is a good idea.

Which one is currently the "best" solution? I WOULD like an all-in-one solution that comes with both the heatsink/fan, and not a passive cooler where I need to buy another fan.

edit: looks like I'm getting AC's accelero xtreme plus, but NCIX nor newegg canada carries them
You might want to check the cards temp playing some games instead of running a synthetic benchmark before going to the expense and trouble of new HSFs.

My GTX480s run in the mid 80s, low 90s tops. The cards are rated for 115C.
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