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Thank you.

As for your question. Yes and No. Yes in that if you are running a non-NTFS/fat/fat32 partition on it you may MAY run into issues, but then again if you are doing that you have bigger problems to worry about. ITGC works whether you want it to or not, as long as the partition is recognized you are fine, you just need to give it TIME. BUT

No in that ALL modern SSDs have ITGC, so the blocks will be cleaned as long as its ntfs/fat32 etc regardles of AHCI/IDE or OS used.

No in that the blocks dont become "dead blocks". They are just degraded. Degraded =/= Dead. Dead == Dead. They just need to be refreshed before they can be used.

No in doing what is basically a Tony-Trim is NOT needed. It is hard on the cells.

No in that doing a sani-erase is not needed. ITGC will work, it just takes time.

"ITGC" checks the blocks against its lookup table of what cells are still in USE. Any cells which are degraded but NOT actively being used are cleaned. IF the entire free space is degraded, than yes it will take awhile to clean, but it WILL clean it. Even if you are not in a TRIM enviro.

IF you are in a TRIM envrio "force trim" will do the trick nicely for you as you dont have to wait for ITGC (unless its a SF which case all bets are off). ;)

I'll add in a mention if Force Trim for drives used in non trim enviros that are ALSO used in TRIM envrios But here is the link in the meant time :)

Guide Here's a tool to force-TRIM your entire drive

"ITGC" works, it just works slow. Force Trim in Win faster. Either will bring a slow drive back to 85-95%'ish of its factor level performance (nothing gets 100% back).
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