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The best places for internet in the world are like South Korea (100mbits around 30$), New Zeland, Holland, Japan etc..

We have (me and my coloc) 50mbits/125g per month plan with videotron in Montreal. It's pricy (81$) but we split. We usually use 60-80g per month (witch consist of Wow, Steam downloads and Youtube mostly). (Soon it will be 60/150 as of Feb 1). We don't have cable TV (it's basically youtube) so we don't have to pay for that (witch is overpriced too btw)..

I usually top my connection, unless it's a steam sale and it's Xmas LOL!

I see a lot of places in the US that are a little remote (not in big city) and pay 50$ for 15/30gig witch is a lot. The US is a very weird market with a LOT of different price based on where you are, maybe it's the same in Canada, i don't know..
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