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My System Specs

Default power button, fan spins 1 sec, shut down

Hey Folks,

I need some ideas. Building a small computer with the Sugo SG06 case, GA-H55N-USB3 board, G-Skill RAM, i3-550 processor, 1 HDD, 1 ODD. You'd think it would be pretty simple but when I hit the power button, the PSU fan spins and the CPU fan spins for just about a second, and it shuts down.

I tried putting a paper clip into pin 14 of the MB power connector and the PSU fan spins. I measured one of the PSU power connectors and got 5 V. So I think the PSU is fine. Where should I look next? Bad power switch? Short somewhere? Anyone experience this before?

Started fiddling with the power switch. Now if you hit the power switch is cycles on and off.

Thanks in advance.


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