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That is somewhat troubling about the Define R3 regarding the build quality. The drive bay issues however would not really affect me, as I don't use or plan have any 5.25inch drives. Like the low noise factor, as I sometimes sleep with the PC on in the same room.

The issue is I wanted a clean/elegant case design and one that was white/silver (tired of all black), otherwise I was actually looking at cheaper <$100 cases like the Silverstone Precision Series, Zalman Z9, Antec 100/300 and etc. The Silverstone Fortress series and Lian Lis are quite a bit more pricey, and I don't feel if I can bring my self to spend that much more and not have it go towards other components instead. My current Sonata Plus has the issues of only accepting <9.5 inch cards, and only 2x92mm intake/1x120mm exhaust fan. In terms of GPU size, the highest end card I ever expect to buy would be something along the 6950/GTX 570 type class, so won't need the length for dual GPU cards. Case actually need to fit on a self -

I would actually go with a mATX, but the selection for p67 boards is limited at the moment and the power delivery on them does seem to be worse compared to the ATX versions.

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